113 people arrested since early August

A total of 3,261 people were checked between August 4 and 15 in Paris, as well as in Pantin and Aubervilliers, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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The Paris police headquarters takes stock ofu government action plan against crack in Ile-de-France. Between August 4 and 15, 113 people were arrested for offenses against drug laws, intentional violence, street sales and concealment of theft in particular, the police headquarters announced on Tuesday August 16.

A total of 3,261 people were checked over this period as part of this plan. On average, 200 police officers were deployed daily in Paris in the Auguste Baron, Porte de la Villette, Corentin Cariou, Stalingrad sectors as well as in the Quatre chemins district, in Aubervilliers and Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The Paris police headquarters believes that “the physiognomy during the day has improved significantly” in these neighborhoods but think that “Efforts must continue and will be maintained, particularly in the evening and at night in order to relieve the impact of the presence of drug addicts on the tranquility of local residents and traders”.

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