42 countries, including France, demand the departure of Russian troops from the Zaporizhia power plant

Moscow and kyiv have been accusing each other for more than a week of bombardments around the nuclear power plant. Several countries are worried about a possible escalation.

Russian control of the Zaporijjia power plant in Ukraine represents “a great danger”, alerted 42 countries, including France, in a joint statement. All of the Member States of the European Union, as well as South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, are calling on Moscow to withdraw its troops from the plant.

This Ukrainian plant is a subject of mutual accusations between Moscow and kyiv, which each claim that the opposing camp has bombed nuclear installations in recent days.

“The situation is serious”

The International Atomic Energy Agency would like to inspect the premises, but its action is hampered, denounces the text.

“The situation is serious and the IAEA must be authorized to carry out its mission in Zaporijjia as quickly as possible”, launched Thursday before the UN Security Council Rafael Grossi, president of the agency.

“The risks are increasing every day,” Dmytro Orlov, the mayor of Energodar (the city where the plant is located), told AFP this Sunday by telephone, adding that mortar fire at the plant has become a daily occurrence and denouncing a ” outright nuclear terrorism” by Russia, which “can end unpredictably at any time”.

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