70,000 residence permits withdrawn

These are the words used by the French Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin this Tuesday, July 26 on the set of BFM TV: “We are progressing with Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, (…) We have 25% expulsions additional successes in the first half of which 50% more in the Maghreb and African countries”.

Gérald Darmanin multiplies media appearances to promote the new law planned for the start of the school year, the aim of which is to facilitate the expulsion of “delinquent foreigners” from France.

According to him, diplomatic collaboration between France and the Maghreb would be optimal, with regard to the recovery of nationals expelled from France.

The minister reports 70,000 residence permits withdrawn, according to Cnews, in a logic of offensive against “foreign delinquents”.

This echoes the case of the young Algerian expelled in the case of police officers injured in Lyon on July 24th. Wrongly arrested and cleared, his tumultuous past with the law led to his expulsion from the territory, announced by Gérald Darmanin himself: “When you are a foreigner and you arrive on national soil, you respect the laws of the Republic or so we’re leaving, ”he said to justify his decision.

Foreigners in France: expulsions so far considered timid

The Minister of the Interior underlined clear progress in the application of OQTFs (requirement to leave French territory) over the past 2 years.

This implementation of expulsions is sometimes difficult when the countries of origin refuse to recover their unwanted citizens on French soil. According to Gérald Darmanin, less than 10% of them took place in 2020, which is very far from the promise made by Emmanuel Macron, who had pledged that 100% of the OQTFs would be carried out under his presidency.

On the program of this new law: remove all administrative barriers preventing potential expulsion. Thus, marriage with a French spouse will no longer be a protection.

SOS Racisme expresses its indignation

In a press release issued following the government’s announcements, the association for the fight against racism does not mince its words and indicates: “By this new position, the Minister of the Interior is part of too long a series of winks the far right on the part of the presidential majority since it is no longer the parliamentary majority”, and does not hesitate to speak of “drifting worthy of Le Pen but unworthy of the Republic”, reports the newspaper 20Minutes.

The association calls for the firm rejection of this bill, which clearly opposes the values ​​of Human Rights and Citizens’ Rights that France nevertheless likes to claim.

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