a hope of unlocking for travel this fall

Your excellence,

Mr. Ambassador Junichi IHARA,

We represent the 5,500 French travel operators (tour operators, travel agencies, distribution networks, airlines, representative offices) who contribute to the promotion and marketing of French tourist trips to Japan.

To date, we estimate that nearly 2,800 French tourists have booked their organized trip to Japan with us, in partnership with Japanese incoming agencies.

These trips, guided by our local teams, authorized since June 10 by the Japanese authorities, are scheduled from August 1 to the end of December 2022.

We are asking for your help today so that the Japanese Consulate in Paris authorizes a specialized agent to submit and collect visa applications from our travelers, as an intermediary, without the physical presence of the tourist concerned.

In this way, the tourist wishing to obtain his visa to travel to Japan, would have the choice between going to the Consulate himself, or calling on a specialized agent.

This specialized agent would thus make it possible to simplify the procedure for our 2,800 travelers who would no longer have to travel in person from all over France to come and file their visa application with the 4 Consulates in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg.

Furthermore, these intermediaries could check all the documents necessary for these requests and ensure that they contain no errors or omissions. This would avoid the very many travel cancellations, which we are already seeing, from travelers unable to travel in person to one of these 4 consulates and would considerably reduce the workload for these consulates.

Indeed, the specialized agent has several advantages for your consulates: – In his own premises, beforehand, he carries out a pre-verification of the visa application file.


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