a new stage in the world of tourism?

Currently, nearly 40 countries around the world offer the possibility of obtaining a telework visa. In the sun, in the heart of beautiful nature or in the mountains, the possibilities are endless, and the list should only get longer in the coming months/years.

First, this challenge has been taken up by exotic destinations. Leaving your workplace to settle on a beach with a magnificent view is certainly an ideal that is difficult to resist.

We will cite the example Seychelles, or the Bahamas. The latter, for example, launched a 1-year renewable visa, the BEATS (Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay). At the same time, the destination released the program people to peoplewhich connects local volunteers with teleworkers so that they can adapt and integrate as easily as possible in the destination.

If the teleworker prefers a less popular destination, Malta can meet their expectations. Being one of the smallest communities in Europe, Malta is rich in opportunities for telecommuting travellers. The quality of the WI-Fi connection is impeccable and several coworking spaces are available to professionals. On the terrace of a café or at the edge of a beach with crystal clear water, this marvelous island will be a fulfilling environment both humanly and professionally.


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