Alès: the armed wing of France deploys near the Gardon, shows its muscles and boasts of its assets

The Armed Forces and Defense Professions Forum is also an opportunity to discuss the professional retraining of soldiers.

“Alès, a city friendly to the military, friendly to the police, friendly to the firefighters.” With these words, Christophe Rivenq, first deputy mayor, opened, early in the morning of this Friday, September 23, the Forum of the armies, defense and security professions, which is held on the fairgrounds of the Avenue Jules-Guesde. Legionnaires, alpine hunters, spahis, gendarmes, sailors, airmen, etc. “There are units here that sometimes arrive from afar”underlines General Éric Ozanne, commanding the 6th light armored brigade of Nîmes. “The personnel present their know-how and their lives as soldiers in Alès.” As well as impressive equipment, like a Griffon, the latest in armored personnel carriers, and a Caesar gun, a model that France recently supplied to Ukraine. In front of these and the many stands, a multitude of demonstrations also take place until the evening of September 24th.

The “know-how and know-how” of soldiers on the front line

Of course, the operation must allow the armies to make eye to the public, even to the schoolchildren invited to go to the edge of the Gardon. “People are in direct contact with us”continues General Ozanne. “It’s not a television report; it puts humanity. And then, they see the diversity of military professions. Soldier, it’s not just a trellis with weapons.” Jean Rampon, the sub-prefect of Alès, also insists on this: “Behind these men and women, there are skills and life skills.”

A “new life” in companies for former soldiers

These characteristics are also put forward to attract the attention of companies. “Let’s stand in solidarity with our armed forces. At a certain age, soldiers leave active service; we must integrate these great professionals into a new life”, says Christophe Rivenq. For this, General Ozanne particularly praises events such as this forum. “What works best are local connections between our local retraining units and businesses”, he says, emphasizing the strength of people leaving the ranks. Especially their “know-how. That’s what matters most. They cultivate collective interest rather than individual interest, a sense of community, teamwork, punctuality…”

Marius, the media former instructor in the navy commandos, the formidable green berets, is announced on the forum on the morning of this Saturday, September 24.

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