Alibaba and the 40 cryptos – A leader of the Chinese giant declares his love for Bitcoin

Crazy Love ? This Chinese billionaire falls in love with cryptocurrencies. He thus does not share the position of China, which wants to ban the latter from its territory.

Alibaba and high-level sport: Joe Tsai, fan of cryptocurrencies

Alibaba’s Executive Vice President Joe Tsai tweeted on December 27, 2021, his love for cryptocurrencies. However, he did not give more details on what he meant by “cryptocurrencies”: Is Tsai talking only about bitcoin (BTC), or does he include DeFi, NFTs?

Posted by Joe Tsai – Source: Twitter

Tsai is according to a 2019 New York Times article, “ the one who turned ideas into actions ”, if Jack Ma “is considered the creative force” in the Chinese technology industry. Alibaba’s No. 2 is the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA Women’s League New York Liberty, and the San Diego Seals of the NBA. National Lacrosse Leaguethe North American professional indoor lacrosse league.

Tsai had mentioned in an October 2021 interview, his interest for fan tokens issue for its sports teams.

“It has been discussed, has not been approved, but people in Europe have already done this with football teams in Europe issuing fan tokens which have privileges attached to it. »

Joe Tsai

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China and its billionaires: disagreements over cryptocurrencies?

The support of a Chinese billionaire as prominent as Joe Tsai is all the more remarkable given the China’s fundamentally anti-crypto stance. The country is known for issuing bans against cryptocurrencies. The restriction on minors in May 2021 caused many crypto companies to leave the country.

Alibaba even had to announce in September 2021, the cessation of sales of mining equipment on its platforms. There is also prohibits the sale of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), etc.

China now wants to promote its digital yen. It is waging a war against cryptocurrencies on its territory, but will it go so far as to ban its nationals from investing in bitcoin and its cadets, even beyond its borders ?

The cryptosphere is seeing more and more billionaires like Joe Tsai publicly displaying their support for cryptocurrency on social media. This Mexican billionaire even offered a pro-crypto investment advice as a Christmas present: “ Run away from fiat, buy bitcoin ! »

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