Alibaba wins in Eastern Europe

The Chinese e-commerce site is very successful there, beating the American giant Amazon by a long way.

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Lost battle for Jeff Bezos. While its Amazon empire has largely conquered e-commerce in Western Europe, the east of the Old Continent prefers its major Asian competitor. This is what emerges from the latest international Euromonitor barometer. Alibaba is the third e-commerce site used in particular in the former Soviet republics behind the Polish Allegro and the Russian Wildberries, relegating Amazon outside the Top 10.

Is it a matter of culture or a winning business strategy on Alibaba’s part? Difficult to decide, but it is a fact, Eastern Europeans prefer to buy on the Chinese site rather than on that of the great rival from across the Atlantic. While Amazon continues to grow in Western Europe, Alibaba is gaining market share in Poland and its neighbors where it is increasing its promotions to secure an ever-increasing customer base. Alibaba delivers by plane rather than ship. The ports are currently saturated but the online trade does not stop. The Chinese site is therefore multiplying charter flights from Asia to Eastern Europe.

Alibaba intends to take advantage of this commercial success to gain market share and expand in Western Europe. Further than Russia, the logistics and transport subsidiary of Alibaba (AliExpress) now wants to install lockers to deliver its parcels to Spain and France.

The various confinements are no strangers to this push, online sales sites have taken advantage of it. But it is above all a strategic battle: Alibaba is not welcome in the United States and vice versa for Amazon in China. The playing field of the two companies is therefore in the middle, in Europe, on neutral ground.

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