At BforBank, how can I obtain the Visa Premier card for free?

The online bank BforBank offers you a Visa Premier card at 0€, provided you can prove 1200 euros of net income per month. We explain how to get it.

For many years, Crédit Agricole’s online bank has been a hit. With the launch of day-to-day banking in 2015, BforBank has become a must in the market. His current account and the Visa Premier card are free. To benefit from this premium service, you must have a net monthly income of at least 1200 euros (instead of 1600 euros), or 2000 euros (instead of 2200 euros) if it is a joint account. To take advantage of it, you must make three payments per quarter, failing which 9 euros per quarter. You must also be of legal age and domiciled in France.

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What are the advantages of the Visa Premier card?

What’s so special about this Visa Premier card? It comes with multiple benefits that give you a flexibility very pleasant. First of all, you have the choice between immediate debit and deferred debit. This allows you to better organize your cash flow needs over the months, without additional cost. If you manage your expenses correctly, this allows you to avoid any risk of overdraft over the period. Moreover, note that you benefit from a overdraft authorized flexible on request.

By choosing the Visa Premier card, BforBank also offers you more flexibility on payment and withdrawal limits. By default, they are 1200 euros over 30 rolling days for payments and 400 euros for withdrawals over 7 rolling days. However, after the first month, you can contact BforBank customer support to have much more flexibility in your spending. It’s always appreciated!

It is difficult to separate the Visa Premier card from all its warranties and insurance. So, if you travel regularly, it’s really ideal. In fact, you are covered in the event of an accident in the mountains, cancellation, interruption or modification of your trip, loss of your luggage or damage to your rental vehicle. It also includes civil liability insurance abroad up to 2 million euros.

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Even more advantages for the Visa Premier card at BforBank

The benefits of the Visa Premier card don’t stop there. In fact, some are common to all online banking cards. We have listed several of these advantages:

  • Customizable payment and withdrawal limits
  • Instant blocking / unblocking of your bank card
  • Customizable SMS/email alerts
  • Resending your credit card code
  • Apple Pay mobile payment solution

You also have access to a network of partners in order to obtain advantageous prices on a multitude of services: Avis, Cheerz or Pathé Gaumont offer you generous discounts if you are part of this closed circle of privileged people.

By offering its Visa Premier card from 1,200 euros of net monthly income, BforBank stands out from other online banks.

BforBank, a complete banking offer

Unlike some neo-banks, which limit their services to a bank card (without overdraft) and a current account, BforBank goes further. Indeed, online banking offers a complete offer which allows you to replace your traditional network bank. There is thus a range of savings products, loans or stock market products. In addition, BforYou customer service is available to answer your questions by chat, e-mail or telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday until 1 p.m.

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