Attracting remote workers with a digital nomad visa

The pandemic has created a desire to travel in many people. This need to discover new horizons was quickly mixed with the return to normal life, which prompted many workers to combine work and travel. The term digital nomad has quickly become a trend that has won over a large number of employees who have chosen to telecommute abroad. Many countries now offer visas for digital nomads. Among them, we find Hungary, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Germany, France, Malta, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Malta and the Czech Republic. In 2020, Estonia was the first country to introduce this particular visa. Many countries see it as an economic interest and some, like Croatia, impose a minimum income to benefit from the digital nomad visa. Recently, Italy also adopted this visa in the hope of seeing certain rural villages of the country left abandoned and in order to revive its economy in difficulty.

More information on digital nomad visas and eligibility criteria by country here.

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