BASKETBALL. France – Canada: Les Bleues led in a meeting marked by awkwardness, follow the match live

FRANCE-CANADA. After 10 minutes of play in this France – Canada, this Friday, September 23, the Bleues are behind in a meeting where clumsiness takes precedence.

10:21 – Let’s go for the second quarter

It’s the start of the second quarter in Sydney where the Bleues are led by six points in this France – Canada (9-15).

10:18 – The Canadians go to the free throw line and the first quarter ends.

While there are two seconds left in this first quarter of France – Canada, Shay Colleu gets a foul. She returns her two free throws (15-9). In the process, it is the end of the first quarter.

10:16 – Berkani’s float

Lisa Berkani brings the Bleues to a small point in this France – Canada (10-9).

10:13 – Lack of skill in this first quarter

The first quarter of this France – Canada is marked by the lack of address. The Canadians are at 2/15 and the French at 3/15.

10:11 – Berkani’s complicated shot

Lisa Berkani has just entered this France – Canada and tries a very complicated three-point shot. He touches the basket but does not fit.

10:10 – Les Bleues return to three points

After a free throw converted in two for Fauthoux, the Blues return to a possession in this France – Canada (7-10).

10:08 – It comes in three points for Fields

The first three-point shot of this France – Canada is to the credit of Canadians and Fields. (10-4)

10:06 – Chartereau seems to be in pain

On a fault by Chartereau on Shay Colley, the French player gets up with difficulty in this France – Canada and leaves her place.

10:06 – Second row airball

After Achonwa, it’s Carleton who fails to hit the circle on a two-point shot.

10:05 – Airball for Achonwa

Achonwa tries three points in this France – Canada but she does not touch the circle.

10:04 – Chartereau opens the French meter

The French finally find address in this France – Canada through Chartereau who scores the first two points of the Blue.

10:03 – +6 for Canada

This France – Canada starts slowly for the French who are trailing 6-0 after two minutes.

10:02 – Carleton’s interception

Nice action by Carleton who intercepts a pass in defense before going to the free throw line. She succeeds in both in this France – Canada.

10:01 – Nurse opens the meter

Kia Nurse scored the first two points in this France – Canada on her very first shoot.

10:00 – Let’s go!

And it’s off to Sydney for this France – Canada! The first possession is for the Canadians.

09:55 – The two starting fives

The two starting fives of this France – Canada are official. Here is Jean-Aimé Toupane’s with no change from the one that started against Australia: Fauthoux, Michel, Williams, Badiane, Chartereau. Here is Canada’s which also remains changed from the first game of the World Cup: Achonwa, Carleton, Nurse, Colley, Alexander.

09:49 – The situation in the classification of this group B

Before this France – Canada, let’s take a look at the classification of this group B of this 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup. Les Bleues are fourth on equal points with Canada, 3rd, But the two teams have one game less than Serbia and Japan who met this morning. The Japanese lost to the Serbs (64-69) and left the possibility for one of the two teams to take the lead of the group alone.

09:42 – Gaby Williams looks good

Gaby Williams delivered an exceptional meeting against Australia during the first meeting of this World Cup. The Seattle player scored 23 points, smashing her team points record, and shot 60% from three points. Confirmation in this France – Canada?

09:35 – The last meeting between the two teams was at the World Cup

This France – Canada will be played four years after the previous one. The two teams met in Spain in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup and the Canadians won 71-60 thanks to an in-form Kia Nurse with 18 points and 6 assists. Opposite, the best French scorer was Sandrine Gruda with 14 points but she will not be there today to help her teammates because of a calf injury which deprived her of this World Cup.

09:28 – “We have a heavy responsibility,” said Toupane

Before the competition, the coach of Les Bleues, appointed in October 2021, had dotted the i’s and assured that his team was “on a mission”. After the first match and before this France – Canada his words seem to make sense. “From the start, we’ve said it: when you’re in the France team, when you wear the blue jersey, you have a heavy responsibility, a desire to wear the colors of the country very high,” said Jean-Aimé Toupane.

09:21 – Better statistics for Les Bleues

After the first match, the first statistics of the competition show that the French women were more skilful than the Canadians before this France – Canada. Indeed, Jean-Aimé Toupane’s players had a shooting percentage of 48% against 44% and they have 13 more defensive rebounds than the North Americans.

09:14 – The Canadians also started well

The Canadians have also returned to this 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup with success against Serbia (67-60). But unlike the French, Victor Lapeña’s players acted as favorites for this first meeting of the competition. They will have the status of outsider for this France – Canada.

09:07 – A feat to start the competition

Before France – Canada, Les Bleues started this 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup in the best possible way with a resounding victory against the hosts of the competition, Australia (70-57). They could confirm this morning against the Canadians that they seem less armed than the Oceanians.

09:00 – Hello everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to the Internet user’s site to follow the second match of the French women in this 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup France – Canada live.

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