Better VR gameplay recording

Youtubers and anyone who likes to record VR gameplay is getting good news. Indeed, the latest Meta Quest 2 system software update 44 brings expanded settings for video recording.

Quest’s latest system software update v44 adds a range of options for produce better gameplay video recordings. As noted by Meta in a blog post detailing the update, the options can be enabled by a toggle in Quest’s menu experimental settings.

Enabling it brings up a new section of the camera menu offering options. In particular, we count image stabilization, 1920×1080 resolution in landscape or portrait mode and video compression bitrate settings. There are also options for change frame rate.

However, there are some trade-offs to consider. You will have higher image stabilization settings, which reduce the shake inherent in head-based video recording. But you will have a reduced field of view in the resulting video. Choosing a higher frame rate, meanwhile, could “ affect app performance “. Also, higher bitrate on compression settings will increase the file size.

An update gradually rolling out to Meta Quest 2 headsets

Developers using the tool Oculus Developer Hub on PC have had many options for recording their games for quite some time. But there have also been additional compromises to consider. For regular Quest owners who want to share their gameplay with friends or an audience, the new v44 experimental options are easier to enable. They bring some key features that content creators have been looking for for a long time.

“As always, we will be rolling out the update progressively on all Meta Quest helmets over the next few weeks. We’re keen to make sure everything works as expected,” Meta noted.

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