Bourg-de-Visa. More than 200 vintage cars in Les Toufaillades

More than two hundred old cars, tractors, motorcycles etc. at the X° Touffaillades last Sunday in Touffailles, and an even larger audience than usual. The weather certainly had something to do with it, it was sunny, but most of the space reserved for cars was shaded.

After the glass of friendship offered by the organizers, more than three hundred people had a place in the shade with the organizers. Before going to the table, he proceeded to the election of the car of the day “Miss Touffaillades 2022”. And it was a magnificent Dyna Panhard Junio ​​Cabriolet, released in 1954, which won the title.

Its owners Mr and Me Serpet, domiciled in Lafrancaise, use their car very often because they find it very pleasant to drive, and they very much appreciate its “chubby” side which makes it very friendly and endearing.

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