This Forsaken Weapon Is Meta Again in Warzone

Isabelle Thierens ❘ Posted: 2022-10-02T11:41:04 ❘ Update: 2022-10-02T11:41:11 Warzone Recharged Season 5 has shaken up the battle royale meta, allowing certain weapons to finally find a place in the sun. The recent Warzone mid-season update is the last big shake-up the battle royale will receive ahead of the launch of Warzone 2, which is scheduled … Read more

Meta’s Make-A-Video creates AI-powered animated GIFs

Meta not only creates AI-based images, but it interpolates them to create video. The result of the Make-A-Video offer is surprising to say the least Until now, the term “AI art” meant “static images”. Not anymore. Meta presents Make-A-Video, where the company combines AI and interpolation to create short, looping video GIFs. is not … Read more

Meta launches a free metaverse academy in France

After the job interviews at Carrefour, it’s Simplon’s turn to innovate in the field of the metaverse. Considered by the digital giants as the next great technological leap in the evolution of the Internet, the “metaverse” (“metaverse” in English) designates an immersive digital universe, supposed to extend physical reality via augmented or virtual reality and … Read more

New features on Facebook!

Facebook is introducing new Pages features designed to help creators get discovered and connect with their followers Meta presented from its Meta for Creator account, new features on the creator pages of Facebook. These new features aim to better highlight active influencers and improve interaction with subscribers. Facebook has added new features to Pages to … Read more

Meta Quest 2: a new wireless PC VR solution is coming with the D-Link VR Air Bridge USB dongle!

the dongle USB VR Air Bridge had already been leaked last April (see article) when a software engineer had found code referring to it in the PC drivers ofOculus. Now, here is that said dongle is about to officially release. Let’s start from the beginning. L’Air Link existing is a (free) feature of the Meta … Read more

Interview. “The metaverse, the new great technological breakthrough of the internet”

Facebook became Meta in 2021. This change of identity brings into the concept of metaverse. Is it an evolution or a revolution? “It is certainly, in any case, the new great technological breakthrough of the Internet. The last major acceleration took place between 2011-2013/14, with the internet becoming mobile. We think that the metaverse, which … Read more

Meta terminates the Facebook Gaming app

Louise Bernard, edited by Ophelie Artaud 12:12 p.m., September 01, 2022modified to 12:19 p.m., September 01, 2022 Launched in 2020, the Facebook Gaming application will disappear on October 28, Meta announced. The application was actually trying to compete with video game streaming giant Twitch. “You will still be able to find games by going to … Read more