France/Morocco: Why Many Moroccans Are Denied a Visa

“This visa problem says something about the distance between the two countries, about a break” Moroccans denounce the policy of France, which since September 2021 has halved the number of visas granted to Moroccan and Algerian citizens, and plans to reduce those granted to Tunisians by 30%, BFMTV reported last week. But this restriction, recently … Read more

the United Arab Emirates is applying changes

Travel – The United Arab Emiratess announced changes applicable to any traveler holding a visa to its territory, in particular Algerian. Find all the details related to this news, in this edition of October 2, 2022. According to the latest news, traveling to the United Arab Emirates will no longer meet the same conditions as … Read more

Prophius partners with Visa for a contactless payment system

Prophius announced that its PayContactless solution has been certified by Visa for accepting payments over the phone, enabling Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Android mobile phones and tablets to accept contactless payments, in line with its mission to stimulate in-store commerce. Speaking on the subject, Vice President and Head of Cluster, Visa West Africa, Andrew Uaboi, … Read more

Public offering: SCG-Ré obtains Cosumaf approval |

The Gabonese commercial reinsurance company “SCG-Ré” obtained on September 29, the approval of the Central African Financial Market Supervisory Commission (Cosumaf) relating to its operation to issue new shares by Appel public savings bank (APE) under the references Cosumaf-APE-03/22, with a view to a capital increase. SCG-Ré obtains the visa of Cosumaf for the issue … Read more

“Two Algerian students have nothing to eat”

The repercussions of the crisis and inflation that France is going through, like other European countries, is clearly felt by certain categories of Algerians established in this country, in particular students. Life is getting harder and harder for Algerian students in France. Several difficulties stand before them as soon as they set foot on French … Read more

Undocumented workers in France: the noose is tightening

In France, undocumented workers face many problems in France. In addition to the difficulty of regularizing their situation, undeclared work is becoming more difficult, with the multiplication of checks and legal actions against employers. Faced with the rise of the far right and a migration policy that is increasingly hostile to them in France, undocumented … Read more

Credit card company Visa to classify arms sales separately

PARIS, 11 Sep. (Benin News) – Credit card company Visa Inc. will begin to separately categorize gun sales, following attempts by various organizations to improve tracking of gun purchases. The move by Visa – the largest credit card company in the United States – comes a day after the International Organization for Standardization approved a … Read more