Doctor Abou-Abbas in France, Doctor Ahmad in Lebanon

The Lebanese coffee is still steaming on the table where oriental pastries are laid out. Sitting at the back of his sofa, Doctor Ahmad Abou-Abbas comes out of a grueling shift. It is rare that he takes advantage of his living room. Most of his time, he spends it in the emergency room of Valence or in the Vercors, where he likes to recharge his batteries.

On this August morning, the man agreed to retrace his life, between Lebanon and France. He doesn’t know it yet, but at times, tears will well up in his eyes as he summons up his memories. He will chase them away quickly with that smile that never leaves him for long.

From Beirut to Rumilly via Romania

With his charming Lebanese accent, he begins to tell. His birth in a city south of Beirut, his departure because of the civil war for the capital during high school, his…

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