Drought: wastewater, underused in France


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Less than 1% of the volume of wastewater is reused in France. A method that could however allow to save water, whereas this one is more and more rare.

The drought has underscored the growing scarcity of water. In France, the potential for reusing wastewater is under-exploited. Less than 1% of our discharges from toilets, showers or dishes, for example, have a second life. It is 14% in Spain and up to 80% in Israel, a country where water is scarcer. In Puy-de-Dôme, part of the treated wastewater is used to irrigate agricultural land. A method that allowed Alexis Blanc to save his corn fields from drought.

Elsewhere in France, only a few plots, for potatoes on the Île de Ré or vines in the Hérault. Nassim Ait-Mouheb, a researcher at INRAE, has studied these lands. “Our first results show that we have not found any pathogenic indicators in the grapes and we have, at the level of fertilizers, a level which can be interesting for farmers”, he develops. An idea that germinates in the heads of producers and project leaders. But the specifications are sometimes cumbersome and the European framework will become even stricter for the quality of water reused for agriculture.

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