Facebook: A New Monetization Tool for Creators – Should You Buy Meta Stock?

Meta news as of 07/26/2022

According to the statement released on July 25, video creators will receive 20% of revenue from eligible videos. These are videos with a duration of at least 60 seconds. For the moment, the tool called Rights Manager will be used in the United States and then gradually in the rest of the world.

We just announced Music Revenue Sharing 🎡 on @Facebook, allowing creators to feature songs from artists like Post Malone, Grupo La Cumbia and Tove Lo in their videos β€” and earn a share of in-stream ad revenue. https://t.co/7M2GzIWvKX

On Monday, Mizuho Securities also weighed in on the Meta stock, with a buy recommendation and price target revised down to $250 from $325 previously.

Meta Platforms (FB) price: what is the current price?

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What is Meta Platforms? What you need to know

Meta Platforms or simply Meta, is the new from Facebook. The social network of the same name has been embroiled in a number of scandals, ranging from concerns over its involvement in spreading “fake news” to concerns over controversial content on Facebook Live.

While the opinion claims that the change of name is made to restore its image. Group CEO Mark Zuckerberg maintains that this is a new group strategy geared towards virtual and augmented reality technologies and making them more social.

Eventually, Meta will allow users to broadcast holographic images of themselves at events that their friends or colleagues are attending live. Its technologies make it possible, for example, to join a virtual meeting, attend virtual concerts, etc.

Meta’s story began with the social network Facebook which was initially intended for Harvard students before spreading to other schools. In 2006, access to the site was open to everyone and it reached 500 million users in 2010. Two years later, Facebook reached one billion users. The site now has over three 2.6 billion users.

Opinion on what drives down Meta Platforms (FB) stock

Meta Platforms stock can be negatively impacted by a number of factors. See also: Laurentian Bank (LB) share opinion – Should you invest now? Our opinion, analysis and prediction 2022.

  • Security breach on its social networks

  • Announcement of sanctions by the authorities

  • Anticipation of the decline in advertising revenue

  • Crashes or bugs on Meta’s social networks

Opinion on what makes Meta Platforms (FB) stock rise

Meta Platforms stock can be positively impacted by a number of factors. See also: Action notice Entreparticuliers.com (ALENT) – Should you buy now? Our opinion, analysis and prediction 2022.

  • The announcement of good quarterly results

  • Advancements on metaverses

  • Rising US bond yields

  • Anticipation of rising advertising revenue

Conclusion of our opinion on Meta Platforms stock: is it a good investment?

Meta Platforms mid-term action notice

Facebook will take full advantage of the metaverse boom in 2022.

Meta Platforms long-term action notice

The group is diversifying further to no longer rely solely on revenue from advertising. Thus the value becomes more and more solid and deserves to be added to the portfolio.

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