France-Canada, points objective

For their second match in the World Cup, the Bleuettes face, on the night of Sunday to Monday in San José (4 hours, Canal+ Sport), Canada, also beaten from the start. An already decisive meeting.

Avoid apothecary accounts and other calculations of probability. Beaten for their entry into the running by Nigeria in a downpour and after a cruel scenario (0-1), the Bleuettes have no choice. If they want to continue the adventure at the U20 World Cup in Costa Rica, Sonia Haziraj’s players must win next night against Canada, bottom of the group after their loss against the Republic of Korea (0-2) .

“It is not this inaugural defeat that changes anything, proclaims the coach. I told the players: this result does not call anything into question, the ambitions are still there! We have two group matches left to rectify the situation and continue the adventure. We’ll just have some high-stakes encounters a bit earlier. » Sonia Haziraj even sees a reason for satisfaction in this: “ It is perhaps not so bad since we are already obliged to impose ourselves against Canada and the Republic of Korea. If we can do this, we will be better equipped than other nations when it comes to the knockout stages. »

The French starting lineup against Nigeria in the first match (photo DR).

So what strategy should be put in place to respond? Since Friday, the coach and the members of her staff have held a mobilizing speech with the group in order to mentally prepare the players while remaining in a positive and trusting dynamic. Instructions on the ground? ” We will have to be really ourselves, that we manage to impose our style of play on our opponent. I think we lost out a bit against Nigeria because of their speed and their power, but against Canada, we will have to overcome their strengths and play our football, the one that has worked for us. We have weapons! »

When they step onto the pitch, Laurina Fazer’s teammates will know the result of Republic of Korea – Nigeria, which will kick off at 10 p.m. French time. The French women will start at 4 o’clock in the morning. A meeting to follow on Canal+ Sport and our Live Scores.

Group C – Schedule and Ranking

2nd day

  • :
  • Sunday August 14 (10 p.m. French time): Republic of Korea-Nigeria Monday August 15 (4 a.m. French time, Canal+ Sport):France

-Canada Ranking: 1. Republic of Korea, 3 points (+2); 2. Nigeria, 3 pts (+1); 3.France

, 0 pts (-1); 4. Canada, 0 pts (-2).

3rd day

  • :
  • Thursday August 18 (4 a.m. French time, Canal+ Sport): Republic of Korea-


Thursday August 18 (4 a.m. French time): Nigeria – Canada Already played

  • 1st day :
  • Friday August 12:

-Nigeria, 0-1

Friday August 12: Canada-Republic of Korea, 0-2

At the end of the three matches, the first two of the group will play the quarter-finals.

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