Guillaume Corriveau charged with obstruction of justice

The 38-year-old will undergo his release hearing on August 19. He is accused of having sent a letter to the prosecutors responsible for the file concerning the accusations of computer luring which he faces.

According to the indictment, this letter would have led to the opening of an investigation concerning another person. This information was unfounded, hence the charge of public mischief brought against him.

This false information would have been transmitted to the authorities of the 1er to April 6, 2022. A police investigation subsequently led to an arrest warrant being issued which has been executed against him. He has been detained since August 10.

In court on Friday, his lawyer set his release investigation.

Recall that Guillaume Corriveau is accused of acts of a sexual nature which concern more than 300 victims. Computer equipment was seized following his arrest in November 2020.

Guillaume Corriveau would have used a false profile on social media to communicate with minors in order to encourage them to send him sexually explicit images.

I received a new disclosure of evidence. I undertake to inform the court if the case does not proceedexplained the defense lawyer, Me Emmanuelle Rheault.

Guillaume Corriveau insisted on being present at the Sherbrooke courthouse next week.

Other witnesses should also be heardexplains Me Rheault.

We will be scanning some evidence in preparation for this bail hearingadded the criminal prosecution attorney, Me Marie-Josée Guillemette.

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