Heat wave: new peak of heat throughout France




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S. Ricottier, B. Véran, G. Pinol, N. Jauson, France 3 Regions – France 3

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The third heat wave of the year is raging in France, Friday August 12. The thermometer flirted with 40°C in several regions, and absolute records were broken.

Friday August 12 was a hot day in Toulouse (Upper Garonne)with 40°C in the afternoon. The inhabitants expect only one thing: a drop in temperatures. “It needs to cool down, because it hasn’t rained here for a month”says a group of friends. The rain is announced for the weekend, in the south of France. In Lille (North)it was over 35°C. The city, very dense, is paved in certain districts with limestone, which accentuates the heat felt.

“It is a stone that heats up the most in development structures, since it will rise to around 40°C during the day”explains Guy Chautardtown planner with the Lille Métropole development and town planning agency. Due to climate change, scorching temperatures are becoming more and more frequent here. Same temperature, and need to look for freshness in Paris. In front of the Eiffel Tower, tourists were diving head first in the fountains of Trocadéro, to escape the furnace.

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