“I wanted to prove to France that drag is an art that deserves to be known”, Kam Hugh Ardèche candidate for the show Drag Race

End clap for the first season of Drag Race France. Among the queens in competition, Kam Hugh, a drag from Ardèche. Glittery make-up, aerial wigs and original look, she was able to dazzle viewers. Meet.

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“I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable, to prove to France that drag is an art that deserves to be known and to prove to American drag that in France too you can do it! », lists Kam Hugh, 22, candidate for the show Drag Race France. After seven weeks of competition, the program broadcast on the France TV platform crowned Paloma. Under the applause of 9 other candidates.

“It was a very intense adventure. With each elimination we cried, you can leave overnight. But without the elimination side, it was extraordinary. We all wanted to send messages. », assures Kam Hugh who has since received many returns on social networks, such as videos of parents watching the show with their children.

Outfit imitating the wings of the essential Parisian pigeon, dress dotted with croissants, colorful wigs, haute couture dress… Kam Hugh dazzled with her looks. Count 1h15 to 3h00 of work for the make-up.

“When I’m in drag, I want to make people dream. I want there to be a “wow”! That they feel that sense of wonder like when you go to Disneyland,” says Kam Hugh for whom drag is a performative art. The make-up, the outfit, the wigs are intended to highlight a part of femininity. ” But it is not transforming into a woman but into a feminine personality. The distinction is very important insists Kam Hugh, who insists on emphasizing that this is ” his vision ” drag.

When Camille takes on the character of Kam, “it’s a moment when you feel accomplished. You regain possession of what you were decried as a child. We don’t fall into drag like that. There is a way of life”. Between prejudice and violence, drag queens, figureheads in many fights for the LGBTQIA+ community, often go through a painful path. For Kam, “The Drag Race program is a fine snub to what we have experienced”.

If Camille evolves in the Parisian LGBTQIA + environment, he grew up in Aubenas in Ardèche. “I’ve always liked things that are different and categorized as more feminine things,” he remembers. Supported by those close to him, he spent his childhood trying not to be noticed too much.

“Often in big cities we think that everything is accepted but not necessarily in the provinces”, regrets Camille who hid her make-up box for years.

Arriving in high school, it’s a deliverance. The young man takes the plunge and assumes his make-up: “I started with concealer, then foundation, eyebrows…. But as a teenager, I had no role model. At the time on Youtube, only American guys filmed themselves wearing makeup. So I decided to launch myself on Youtube to inspire others to do like me”. But it was while watching the American version of Drag Race that he clicked and got into drag.

Before Drag Race France, Camille worked for a makeup brand in Paris. Since his time on the show, professional opportunities have multiplied and he can now make a living from his passion. Show, photo shoot, contracts with brands and preparation for the Drag Race tour… his schedule is very busy.

Broadcast on the France TV and France 2 platform, the eight episodes of Drag Race are a success. 900,000 viewers were there when it launched on June 25. Tonight at midnight, the final will be broadcast on France 2.

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