In the south of France, a wave of scams at the bank terminal hits many restaurateurs

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In Occitania, many restaurateurs claim to have been the subject of bank terminal fraud. The criminals use a well-established method. Explanations.

It has become a plague this summer. In the south of France, many restaurateurs claim to have been defrauded at the electronic payment terminal (TPE). The phenomenon began when the Cannes Film Festival was held last May. But other phenomena of this type have recently been identified in the Pyrénées Orientales, according to France 3.

For the scammers, everything is played in a short time. It is for them to swap the bank payment terminal belonging to the establishment with an identical machine. Except that the new payment terminal is linked to the bank account of the thugs. Thus, when a customer pays the bill, the sum falls directly into the pocket of the crooks.

Days to realize the scam

Problem: restaurateurs often take several days to realize the deception. “Some only check their cash once a week, explains at the microphone of France 3, Brice Sannac, President of the Union of trades and hotel industries (Umih) of the Pyrénées-Orientales. Once the professional notices the scam and wants to file a complaint, the account on which the money was paid is already closed and the thugs have vanished.

The gendarmerie of the Pyrénées-Orientales thus launched an appeal this Saturday, August 13 to encourage restaurateurs to remain vigilant in the face of this phenomenon. Small tip: for the restaurateur, it is simply a question of checking the information specified on the tickets issued by the TPE to “ensure that the name or description of your establishment is always indicated there, proof that your TPE does not has not been exchanged”.

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