Life after my Olympic dream

Now that their athletic journey is over, they can devote themselves to other projects while spending more time at home with their loved ones, which their former life as an athlete often did not allow them.

ICI Ottawa-Gatineau had the opportunity to ask them a few questions in order to learn more about their post-career.

Retired at 34, Karol-Ann Canuel continues to ride, but only for fun (archives).

Photo: Associated Press/Tim de Waele

When did you choose to retire, having no doubt that it was the best decision?

At 28, Alexis Lepage has given himself a long period of reflection. Since early childhood, her ultimate goal has always been to compete in the Olympics. Once accomplished, the triathlete no longer had a goal that motivated him.

I didn’t feel the need to go swimming every day or go for intervals. Looks like I just wanted to train without pushing the machine to the maxsays the Gatineau resident who now lives in Quebec.

To live in my suitcases for nine months, every year, for seven or eight years, it was starting to weigh heavily in my life. »

A quote from Alexis Lepage, retired from triathlon

Para-swimmer Camille Bérubé almost gave up everything in 2017, but her coach from the Gatineau swimming club, Craig McCord, was a catalyst that propelled him for another five years! After competing in her third Paralympic Games this summer, she saw the Commonwealth Games as the perfect time to retire.

I thought it was a good note to finish in an international competition in which I had never taken part.explains the Gatineau resident who was able to savor a bronze medal in the 100m breaststroke.

Camille Bérubé poses with her medal.

The Commonwealth Games marked the end of Camille Bérubé’s career (archives).

Photo: Getty Images/Shaun Botterill

Cyclist Karol-Ann Canuel had already decided to hang up her bike after the big amateur sports festival in Tokyo where she made her place among the top 15 in the time trial. When the Games were pushed back a year due to the pandemic, she opted to continue until September 2021.

Did being able to choose when to retire make the transition easier?

The three Outaouais athletes had the chance to retire when they wanted to. They weren’t forced to do so because of a serious injury or because their national team didn’t want them anymore.

It helps enormously to be at peace with the end of the chapter of their life, especially for Camille Bérubé who has lived through her share of difficult times in recent years.

I would have had 1001 reasons to give up, but I didn’t want to leave my sport with a feeling of bitterness. »

A quote from Camille Bérubé, former para-swimmer

Now what are your plans?

Training is obviously part of the life of a top athlete. Sacrifices too, and retirees will not be bored.

Cycling continues to take Karol-Ann Canuel internationally, but this time she is not cycling. She worked for a television broadcast team during the women’s Tour de France at the end of July. As soon as she got home, she left for Europe to accompany the national team for competitions in France and the Netherlands.

This year, I’m in transition, so I’m taking the opportunity to give back to my sport which has given me so much. »

A quote from Karol-Ann Canuel, retired from cycling

In the short term, Camille Bérubé will take advantage of a vacation period before working as an accessibility consultant at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. ans, je vais pouvoir partir sans avoir un sentiment de culpabilité.”,”text”:”Je m’en vais en camping avec ma conjointe et des amis. Ensuite je pars dans l’Ouest canadien. Pour la première fois en 13ans, je vais pouvoir partir sans avoir un sentiment de culpabilité.”}}”>I’m going camping with my wife and friends. Then I go to Western Canada. For the first time in 13 years, I will be able to leave without feeling guilty.

As for Alexis Lepage, he developed a passion for real estate with his spouse and a few friends. We are building a single-family house for a couple and six townhouses for a friend and for me. At the moment I am managing the construction projectexplains the one who took part in the mixed relay with the Canadian team in Tokyo.

A triathlete poses in front of his bike.

Alexis Lepage no longer has “any training plan. I go there by feeling, ”said the new retiree (archives).

Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Lepage

Do you continue to train? If so, for what purpose?

As the saying goes, you can take the athlete out of his sport, but not the athlete’s sport. The expression fits well with the trio, who continue to train for fun.

I try to keep myself in shape. After all, it’s part of my life, but there’s no more daily pressure or performanceexplains the former cyclist from Amos who grew up in the Outaouais.

The most recent retiree of the trio, Camille Bérubé, allows herself a period of rest away from the pools, but quickly, she will include swimming in her schedule. Waiting, I also cycle and rock climbsays the University of Ottawa graduate.

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