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Meta Campania Collective (MCC): inevitably, his interlocutors always end up asking Jon Strassburg if his label has any relationship with Mark Zuckerberg’s firm. No, no and no ! If you are told “Meta”, hear Amalfi Coast. Meta is located between Naples and Sorrento. Until now, this seaside resort has escaped tourist guides, which allows it to cultivate this charm, this authenticity and this sweetness of life which seduced and inspired the creator to the point that he gave his company the name of this discreet riviera where he spent many summers.

Meta Campania Collective anton bohnert

Of course, Meta is in Campania, so it had to be said, to anchor yourself in this sensual and raw land at the same time. As for Collective, it reminds us that they are three friends who embarked on the adventure. Three friends who have known each other for twenty years, who come from the fashion world, and who have shared their different professional lives at Hugo Boss, Burberry, Bottega Veneta… Today, Jon Strassburg manages the brand from Lugano, from where you can see the Ticino mountains in the distance. Heiko Keinath is based in Paris from where he directs the Buero creative agency. As for Constanze Walcher, she is in Berlin where she has just founded, in parallel, the vegan food brand Glutenfreie Heimat.

Meta Campania Collective

Meta Campania Collective anton bohnert

The MCC project has been developing for more than five years in their heads. ” We wanted to take the time to mature our project to anchor it in the long term. We did not want to create another brand, but to make clothes that could be worn for ten or fifteen years, to return to the territory of timeless luxury and supreme quality, says Jon Strassburg. And for that, there is only one country where it is possible to produce with such high standards: Italy. This is why everything is anchored here, the sourcing of materials and production. We also operate in short and local circuit.»

Creative pools

Prato, Como, Biella, Santa Croce… the Italian textile industry has always been concentrated in very localized areas. These areas bring together not heavy infrastructure, but incubators of craftsmen who pass on their know-how from generation to generation. How did they weather the crisis? What is their future? For Desolina Suter, specialist in this sector and fashion director of Première Vision, “these companies have taken advantage of the imposed calm to make an ecological shift, and to strengthen their ability to transmit their culture that conveys values ​​and meaning. Their investment in beauty is an asset of creativity and inventiveness”. And this all the more so since they are several steps ahead in the work of materials, in particular thanks to new dyeing processes from vines or seaweed.

Living fashion differently

Establishing another way of producing and consuming fashion also means having a strong style identity. The one that the three accomplices have chosen looks like them. She draws inspiration from those around them and more broadly from the world of art and artists. “We immediately recognize an artist by his appearance. She expresses her spirit, her outlook on the world. It’s something universal that we find in Pablo Picasso as well as in Juergen Teller. These are not uniforms, but pieces that accompany them in their intimacy, as in their public life as. They are part of their personality. They have a simplicity and elegance that represent modernity. »

Meta Campania Collective

Meta Campania Collectiveanton bohnert

Rather than producing a lookbook, the brand calls on artists who are close to it, who inspire it and resemble it. Another particularity full of meaning: the clothes are not gendered. However, for their next collection, which will be the third, more feminine pieces will appear. In the meantime, we share, we borrow these comfortable jackets, these perfectly cut pants and these second skin T-shirts. The tones are inspired by the countryside, the Neapolitan hinterland with two very solar vibrations: a poppy red and an intense blue that sign the identity of Meta Campania Collective.

For the moment, the brand is distributed in Switzerland. But in July and then in September, pop-ups will open in Paris, in the Marais. The first will be a showcase by Samuel Fasse. We can’t wait to find out who, belonging to this great family, will sign the next ones…

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