Meta: European regulators cannot reach an agreement to prevent transfers outside the EU

While the threat of a cut from Facebook and Instagram hung over Europe, it will not happen or at least for the moment. European regulators have failed to agree on how to stop the firm from sending the data outside of Europe.

The collection of European user data by US companies is always a sensitive topic. And Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is constantly scrutinized on this subject.

It also complains about it regularly, sometimes threatening to cut its services to European users if a decision blocking transfers sees the light of day.

Objections from other regulators

Last July, the Irish regulator once again looked into the case of the American firm and threatened to cut off data transfers to the United States, including the so-called SCC mechanism (sstandard contractual clauses or standard contractual clauses), the last legal means of making transfers.

However, the Irish decision is not followed. A spokesperson for the regulator said it had received objections from other European Union regulators, according to Politico. These objections then delay the final decision to turn off the data transfer valves.

It will therefore take several more months for Ireland to be able to resolve these objections and in the event that nothing is found, it would then require the intervention of the European Data Protection Board, which would push back the deadline by a further month.

These extended deadlines benefit Meta, especially since a new transatlantic pact should see the light of day in the first quarter of 2023 and it would also review data transfers outside the EU.

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