Meta gets sued by… Meta

In October 2021, the Facebook group decided to change its name to Meta. With this, there was the desire to become a precursor of the metaverse, but also to differentiate the group from the social network. Nearly a year after this revival, Meta is sued by… Meta, for the chosen brand name.

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On October 28, 2021, the Facebook group changed its name to Meta. Enough to move up a gear towards the deployment of the metaverse of Meta while differentiating the group from the social network, which until then bore the same name. We can also see in Mark Zuckerberg’s company the desire to leave behind the Facebook Files affair. Especially since the firm turned out to be the worst company of the year 2021 according to a survey.

If the use of the name of Meta to designate this group is democratized, whether in Meta itself or for everyone, it would seem that this poses a problem. Another company called Meta has announced that it is filing a complaint against Meta for infringement of trademark rights. For clarity, we will refer to Zuckerberg’s firm as ” Facebook and the Meta company by name.

A complaint by Meta against Facebook

In a press release, Meta, which presents itself as ” a small company operating in the immersive and experiential technology sector since 2010“, filed a complaint against Facebook. She claims that “Facebook illegally took over the META brand and name – willfully infringing META’s trademark rights and engaging in gross acts of unfair competition“.

A complaint that follows attempts to negotiate with Facebook for eight months. Meta declares having been pushed to go to court, for lack of an agreement reached with the group. The small business also indicates that “Facebook is now doing exactly what META has done for over a decade under the META name and brand – running the same immersive experiences, at the same events and locations, and working with the same creators and companies.“.

Meta Facebook

For her, consumers may believe that her services come from Facebook or that an affiliation exists between the two companies. For its lead attorney, Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme, the Facebook group’s renaming caused “significant and irreparable harmto his client.

Can Meta win against Facebook?

The mediaThe Vergereports that “ holds a valid trademark for the name“. However, the legal battle will be complex, “given the wide range of trademark applications filed by Facebook since the name change became official“.

For the moment, the Facebook group has not reacted publicly. Also, Meta is not the only brand to call itself as such, since there is also a manufacturer of prostheses or a hard seltzer. In France too, there are companies called Meta, according toCompany.comthey are about thirty.

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