Meta is accused of stealing the Meta name, justice is seized

Meta is currently being sued by another company called META. The latter claims to have registered the brand name first and accuses the owner of Facebook and Instagram of name theft. The story will be settled in court.

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This is a rather incredible story of which is currently the victim the Meta group. Remember, last October, Mark Zuckerberg proudly announced the name change of his Facebook company. This one then became Meta, bringing together all the company’s other social networks (Instagram, WhatsApp and therefore Facebook). The name Meta was not found by chance and the representation was more than symbolic compared to the metaverse and the ambitious desires of the group in this area.

But you have to believe that the transition from Facebook to Meta does not mean good news for the company. Since then, Meta has encountered several difficulties. The group, for example, lost 3 billion dollars with its investments in the metaverse and it alienated Europe for a story of data transfer to the United States. From now on, Meta is also being sued by another company called Meta who accuses it of name theft. And the case will be settled in court.

Meta is being sued by another company called Meta

mark zuckerberg was obviously not the first to have found the name Meta. Justin Bolognino, owner of another company of the same name, is indeed suing Meta for having allegedly stolen his brand name. The latter has owned his business for more than 12 years and therefore held the Meta name long before Mark Zuckerberg’s groupwhich moved from Facebook to Meta only last october.

The business in question is an art installation company, and the lawyer for the owner of the latter claims that “consumers now mistakenly believe that Justin Bolognino’s services come from Facebook” and so they are “irreparably and irrevocably harmed“. The company explains that it tried to negotiate “din good faith” for several months with the old Facebook. But the situation is still not getting better and a lawsuit has now been filed. Case to follow.

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