Meta is inspired by Twitch for Super, the new live streaming platform

Super allows creators to monetize their live streams like Twitch. Viewers can then pay for additional features, tiered subscriptions, and donations to their favorite channel.

By now, the rivalry between TikTok and Meta is known. However, this is not exclusive competition: the company of Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is also targeting Twitch. According to a Business Insider report, Meta silently tested Super, Amazon’s purple-inspired live-streaming platform. Some influencers contacted by Meta participated in the test, who provided a comprehensive presentation that the company used to offer the Super service to creators. So far, no more than a hundred have used it.

Based on the introductory pitch, Super allows creators to monetize their live streams similar to Twitch. Viewers can then pay for additional features, tiered subscriptions, and donations to their favorite channel. At least for now, the creators manage to keep 100% of the earnings. Super’s presentation also mentions a sponsorship model whereby companies can pay to insert ads into a creator’s live broadcasts. A source told Business Insider that some influencers were paid up to $3,000 for a 30-minute test. Another referred to “additional paid incentives based on live stream performance.”

As for the possibilities included by Super, there are video layouts already included, which indicates that a creator does not need technical skills, such as graphic design, to broadcast a well-presented live stream. . Added to this are various features, such as quizzes and free modules, to allow those who are live to carry out various activities with the community.

Super is a service completely independent of other Meta social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. This was stated by a company spokesperson. Mashable noted that the platform’s website – not accessible from Italy – features the words “NPE Team di Meta” at the bottom of the page. The acronym NPE stands for New Product Experimentation, Meta’s development team specializing in launching new applications. Other than that, there doesn’t appear to be any other mentions of Zuckerberg’s company on Super’s website.

Another element that marks the independence of the streaming platform vis-à-vis Facebook and Instagram is the mode of access. Thanks to the aforementioned American portals, it is possible to know that the only option currently available to access it is through a Google account. Surprisingly, there is also TikTok, Meta’s main competitor mentioned in the site’s FAQ, which explains how to simultaneously broadcast a Super live on TikTok Stream.

This isn’t the first time Super has been introduced. Still, the platform looks different than it was depicted by a previous Bloomberg report from 2020. Initially, the service was said to have been inspired by Cameo and would allow FaceTime calls between celebrities and their community. It is now clear that Twitch has become the model on which to shape Meta’s new live streaming resource. Super currently remains in an early testing phase. It’s not yet known when it will launch to the public, but US creators can already sign up with an email address to request early access.

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