Meta relies more than ever on Reels short videos and adapts its algorithms

Meta adapts its algorithms to change what its users see, on social media Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, the social networking company wants to continue pushing its Reels short video format, proposed in order to compete with rival Tiktok.

Management of content increasingly managed by artificial intelligence

For Meta, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) must increase in the recommendation of content from accounts that the user does not follow. ” Social feeds are evolving from being driven by the people and accounts you follow to being driven by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence recommends content you find interesting on Facebook and Instagram, even if you don’t follow these creators said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, during the presentation of his company’s quarterly results on July 27, 2022.

More than 30% of recommended content should be managed by artificial intelligence by the end of 2023

The leader wants to double the percentage of content that is recommended to users by algorithms. “ Right now, about 15% of content on a person’s Facebook feed and slightly more for the Instagram feed is recommended by our artificial intelligence from people, groups, or accounts you don’t follow. he presents. “We expect these values ​​to more than double by the end of 2023. he announces.

The idea is that as the AI ​​finds additional content that people find interesting, it increases user engagement and the quality of social feeds. “ Since we are already good at monetizing most of these formats, this should increase our business opportunities. “considers the leader.

Artificial Intelligence Drives Consumption of Reels Short Video Formats

The impact of artificial intelligence can be seen in particular in user engagement on short videos, the Reels format launched by Meta to compete with Tiktok. ” Engagement on Reels is growing rapidly. In Q1 2022, Reels accounted for 20% of time spent on Instagram. In the second quarter, there was a 30% increase in the time users spent with Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Advances in artificial intelligence are driving many of these improvements describes Mark Zuckerberg.

An artificial intelligence model increased time spent on Reels by 15%

An example is that after the launch of a great new AI model for recommendations, we saw a 15% increase in time spent in the Reels video player on Facebook alone. » he illustrates. ” So I think there are many improvements like this that we will continue to make. he says. It should also be noted that Reels on Instagram represents more than half of the content shared in messages.

How does this evolution of formats with Reels and the use of artificial intelligence to recommend content improve Meta advertising revenue? ” We face a number of short-term challenges, but the investments we are making should give us a longer-term comparative advantage thinks Mark Zuckerberg.

Increase revenue from short video Reels

For the leader, the short-term challenge is the growth of short video Reels. ” The Reels format is not yet monetizing at the same rate as the feed or stories he acknowledges. ” In theory, we could push less hard on the growth of Reels, but it would be worse for our products and our business in the longer term, because we are convinced that Reels will increase engagement overall and eventually monetize in a way close to the flow. feed ” does he think.

Our work on ad monetization effectiveness for Reels is actually progressing faster than expected. he explains. Meta surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue for Reels ads. ” So I think we’re on the right track, and we just have to get through this phase he concludes.

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