Meta revamps the Facebook interface once again

Facebook is changing its organization, especially on mobile, so that users no longer miss the publications of their loved ones.

According to Mark Zuckerberg himself, one of the most requested features on Facebook is never to miss posts of his friends. It is with this in mind that the Meta social network is now being updated, at least in its Android and iOS versions.

A new “Publications feed” tab

Currently being rolled out to iOS and Android, a new tab called “Posts Feed” will be available to all users by next week. In it, Facebook will chronologically group the publications of contacts and communities (groups, pages, etc.) in contact with the user.

No recommendations here, while it is possible to create a list of Favorites in order to filter the content. All of this is illustrated in the image above. Meta also specifies that the buttons appearing in the shortcut bar of its application depend on the habits of users, but that it is possible to pin those of your choice.

The main page of Facebook becomes “Home”

All the discoveries and recommendations part will now go through the main page of Facebook, soberly renamed “Home”. Based as the machine learningthis section takes into account thousands of signals in order to get to the heart of the matter and to classify the content so as to offer you what seems to us the most interesting for you. »

This is also where users can find Reels, and content shared by contacts in the feed. Stories will also be here, in the middle of everything else.

In addition to this desire to simplify access to the content of those close to you with “Thread of publications”, this update has another obvious objective: to get ever closer to the TikTok model with a main page boosted with recommended content in order to keep users as long as possible on the application. Let’s also recall a recent redesign of Groups, inspired by Discord.

It remains to be seen whether this will allow Facebook to stay in the race for social networks and whether the web version of the service will be affected by these changes.

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