Meta tests default end-to-end encryption for Messenger

Meta unveiled several new features of the Messenger app and also confirmed that with the upcoming update, personal messages and calls will be end-to-end encrypted by default. The company said in a press release that testing has already begun.between some people» earlier this week, and thatit will work to make privacy the default feature for all messages and calls in 2023.

If you are part of the test group, your frequent chats will automatically be end-to-end encrypted, making end-to-end encryption non-optional. This means that any conversation between you and a friend or family member is inaccessible to Meta or anyone else. The only way for Meta to see your messages is to report them to the company if they threaten your security in any way.

One of the coolest new features is “Secure Storage”, which allows users to back up their end-to-end encrypted Messenger conversationsthen recover them using a PIN code or a code generated by the application.

According to the company, the new secure storage will be the default option to protect your end-to-end encrypted Messenger chat history. Users can also backup and restore Messenger conversations using third-party cloud services.

Messenger has now revealed the option to unsend messages, reply to Facebook Stories and sync deleted conversations between devices. The disappear option in Messenger will also be removed in the upcoming version.

Code Verify instantly verifies code legitimacy

Additionally, Meta has introduced a new open-source web browser extension called Code Verify, which is accessible on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and instantly verifies code legitimacy when using This allows you to validate the effectiveness of our end-to-end encryption security by demonstrating that your web code has not been tampered with or modified.

Messenger will be rolling out the Secure Storage feature this week to Android and iOS, and over the next few weeks it will begin rolling out other previously mentioned features.

In addition to Messenger, Meta said it will extend default end-to-end encryption to Instagram DMs. The company began testing end-to-end encryption on Instagram through an opt-in setting last year, and rolled out the feature to adult users in Russia and Ukraine in February after Instagram invaded. the first by the second.

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