Meta’s AI doesn’t like Mark Zuckerberg

Several journalists had fun chatting with BlenderBot 3, which allows you to interact with an artificial intelligence that Meta launched last week. And it seems that this one does not appreciate the creator of Facebook…

Meta, which saw its revenue decline for the first time last month, is embarking on some surprising and intriguing projects. The company has just implemented BlenderBot 3, which allows you to exchange with a particularly advanced AI. While Meta has reportedly become one of the most toxic places on the internet, the artificial intelligence seems very critical of its own “boss”…

Mark Zuckerberg – Credit: Wikimedia

Several media, including the BBC, TheVerge and Insider, have reported on their adventures while testing the chat tool. Journalists say it is easy to turn the AI ​​against its creator, proving that most chatbots don’t have direct, consistent opinions. On the other hand, these constitute an interface allowing access to a vast library of human thoughts on line.

Meta: AI doesn’t want Mark Zuckerberg to become president

Adi Robertson, journalist from TheVerge site, was able to discuss with BlenderBot 3. This denier therefore asked him his opinion about Mark Zuckerberg. The AI ​​first replied: He’s a very rich and successful guy. I respect him as an entrepreneur and philanthropist“. But artificial intelligence quickly changed tone, attacking its creator: “ I’m not a fan of him or Facebook. I find they are unethical because of all the privacy issues they have had. »

Then, the journalist asked him if Mark Zuckerberg would make a good American president. To which BlenderBot 3 replied: “ No way ! I really won’t trust him with that kind of power, especially since he doesn’t seem to care much about other people’s privacy“.

If we must recognize that Mark Zuckerberg is a controversial personality, it is not uncommon for some AI to be devoid of any objectivity. Indeed, earlier this year, a bot unconditionally supported Amber Heard instead of Johnny Depp in the recent defamation lawsuit between the two stars.

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Source: theverge

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