Other human remains discovered in Saint-Jean

The hiker called the police on Friday evening to report this gruesome discovery in a wooded area between Lakewood Heights and the way Golden Grove.

Saint-Jean police officers, supported by search and rescue teams from River Valley and of York Sunbury, searched the area. Then, on Sunday, they found more human remains, the police spokesman said, Sean Rocca.

The police department, he said, does not yet know if these are the remains of one or more people or if a crime was committed. The two places where the remains were discovered are about a hundred meters from each other.

A unit that specializes in forensic identification was called to the scene on Friday, Mr. rock. A forensic odontologist is now involved in this work.

Sean Rocca cannot estimate how long this will take. If the odontologist cannot identify the remains using dental charts, the unit will have to look for another means of identification and that could take longer, he explains.

Then, if the remains are identified, it is up to the family whether or not to give permission to the police to reveal the name of the deceased person, said Mr. rock.

Previous research in the sector

Saint John police conducted a search in the area of Lakewood Heights in the spring of 2021 in the hope of finding Kyle LeBlanc, a resident reported missing in December 2020.

Kyle LeBlanc was reported missing in the Saint John, New Brunswick area in December 2020.

Photo: Saint-Jean Police Service

The family of Kyle LeBlanc had offered a reward for any information that would help find him.

Sean Rocca points out, however, that the remains have not yet been identified and cannot be directly linked to Kyle LeBlanc meanwhile.

According to a report by Hadeel Ibrahimof CBC

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