Perpignan: Visa pour l’Image continues to boost accommodation professionals

Every year, many visitors flock to Perpignan for the photojournalism rendezvous, Visa pour l’Image. And for its 34th edition, the international festival continues to attract, so much so that the accommodations are taken by storm.

While the Visa pour l’Image festival will resume its quarters in the city center of Perpignan from August 27, many visitors, professionals or amateurs, should be there. This is at least the observation, each year, of accommodation professionals based in Perpignan. Between the numerous hotels, and the development of apartment rental between individuals, a substantial choice of possibilities is offered to those who would like to take advantage of the openness to the world through photography offered by Visa pour l’Image.

Regular hotels, and almost full

Hotel establishments are well established. In 34 editions, the photojournalism festival has attracted an audience that has grown over the years, and who often enjoys coming back. This meeting, which has become almost a ritual for some, needs to be prepared in advance for many. In any case, this is what you notice at the reception of the Hôtel de France, a stone’s throw from the Castillet in Perpignan. “There is a real impact of Visa on our reservations, notes the receptionist. After two somewhat complicated years, we are returning to regular attendance.. In fact, most rooms are already booked for the week of August 27 to September 3. “We have a 90% occupancy rate, the only rooms still available are “gaps” between two reservations, for one day for example, but we know that we will fill them. The bulk of the reservations took place there has already been several months, because people know that requests are pouring in for the Visa period”he adds.

In the Best Western, the observation is more nuanced, but in no way undermines the confidence of hotel agents. “At the moment we have no real visibility, slips one of the receptionists. It’s pretty blurry, but it will fill up at the last minute, we’re used to seeing that. We bet on this event, generally we manage to be complete”.

Private accommodation is on the rise

In the city center of Perpignan, many apartments are rented out between individuals via various online booking platforms. On AirBnB for example, a week will have been enough to initiate a raid on this type of accommodation. Between August 4 and 11, no less than 31 accommodations have been reserved for the first week of Visa pour l’Image, just in the city center of Perpignan. Especially since the offer is wide, and the prices are sometimes attractive. It takes between €55 and €575 per night to book one of these accommodations, which can accommodate between one and twelve travelers depending on the ad. It remains to be seen whether the latecomers will have time to find their happiness or not.

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