Reception conditions at the Consulate of Algeria in Paris: the observation of a deputy

After a difficult recovery, the Algerian consular representations in France are beginning to take matters into their own hands. The pressure they experienced a few months ago has visibly diminished.

With the boom in the resumption of travel, Algerians in France rushed, as soon as the announcement of the partial reopening of the borders and the strengthening of flight and crossing programs in May, to consulates in order to renew their travel documents. .

After two years of crisis, many members of the Algerian diaspora in France found themselves with expired travel documents, including passports. Very quickly, the Algerian Consulates in France found themselves overwhelmed by the demand and were unable to respond to it as soon as possible.

A few months later, the pressure finally subsided and the consular representations are now relieved. The observation is made by the deputy of the Algerians of France, Abdelouahab Yagoubi, who visits Consulates to inquire about the care of citizens.

Consulate General of Algeria in Paris: “improvement of the quality of service”

After the consulate of Pantoise and that of Bobigny, the deputy recently went to the Consulate General of Algeria in Paris. ” I went, twice, to the headquarters of the Consulate General of Algeria in Paris, to inquire about the conditions of reception of the members of our community. “, he wrote Friday, August 12 on his Facebook page.

For him, ” this consular district is of particular importance “. From the outset, the chosen one noted the “ decrease in the number of consulate users during this summer break “. Thus, he notes, with satisfaction the continuous improvement of the quality of service in favor of nationals “.

After having raised, during the first weeks of the recovery, the difficulties encountered by citizens within the Algerian Consulates, the deputy did not hesitate to praise consular officials, when things are going well.

Local consular offices in the center of France

Indeed, he wanted to thank the vice-consul, Reguig Boutaleb, “ for its constant concern for development, improvement and the spirit of initiative “. Here he cites the organization of ” local consular service hotlines for our citizens in the central region of France “.

These include, among others, Algerians established in the cities of Tours, Orléans, Bourges, Vierzon… who must first travel 500 km round trip to reach the Consulate General of Algeria in Paris. All these cities are attached to the consular district of Paris.

In addition, Yagoubi also discussed several issues with Consul General El hadj Lamine. It is ” files of interest to our community in particular and the need to amend certain laws to adapt them to the restrictive specificities of Algerians residing abroadr”.

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