Renew your visa with a 2nd CoE while already in Japan?


Disclaimer: I have no experience with Japan and this is my first experience outside Europe

I have to do a 3-month internship in Japan, then, three weeks later, a one-year exchange in another institution, in another region of Japan. I already have a CoE for the internship and I have started the process to obtain a CoE for the exchange.

I am about to apply for a Student Visa with the first CoE. And this is where my questions arise. I will be in Japan when I have to renew this Visa, or even change it. However, as the exchange begins three weeks after the end of the internship and the validity of the first Visa, it is difficult for me to know if the host institution of the exchange will accept that the CoE covers the period before this exchange.

I am therefore, between the end of the internship and the beginning of the exchange, in a rather irregular situation and for the moment knowing absolutely nothing about Japan, its laws and its administrative system, the understanding of which is not helped by the measures against covid, this worries me a lot. However, it seems that a Visa can be slightly extended or modified at local immigration offices. But is this still true in times of Covid…

I am turning to you to find out if you have any indications that could offer a solution to the situation in which I am about to find myself during these few weeks between internship and exchange.

Thanks in advance

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