Rugby: the USMGP starts with the vice-champions of France of Maubourguet

It is a pool very concentrated around the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Gers which is offered to players from the Union Sportive Montréjeau Gourdan-Polignan. Five Bigourdan clubs (Maubourguet, Castelnau-Magnoac, Coteaux de l’Arrêt, Trie-sur-Baïse and Vic-Bigorre), three Gersois (Lectoure, Masseube and Vic-Fezensac) and one Haut-Garonnais (Val XV) will be the opponents of the USMGP.

The composition of this Regional 1 pool (which brings together the Honor clubs and the best Honor Promotion from last season) appears balanced beforehand. Six teams played in Honor (USMGP, Vic-Fezensac, Lectoure, Trie, Coteaux de l’Arrêt and Val XV) and four in Promotion (Maubourguet, Castelnau-Magnoac, Vic-Bigorre and Masseube). A geographical proximity with many clubs which will offer as many derbies. One thinks in particular of the reunion with Castelnau where some former Montréjeaulais migrated.

The recovery will be difficult, on September 18, in Maubourguet, recent finalist of the French Promotion Championship and champion of the Occitanie League. A start to the championship with three trips in four days, the reception of the neighbor of Magnoac as well as that of the favorite Lectoure for the 5th day: the start will be preponderant!

The round trip schedule

September 18 (A1) / December 11 (R1) Maubourguet/USMGP
September 25 (A2) / December 18 (R2)


October 2 (A3) / January 15 (R3)


October 16 (A4) / January 22 (R4)


October 23 (A5) / January 29 (R5)


October 30 (A6) /February 12 (R6) Trie-sur-Baise/USMGP
November 13 (A7) / February 19 (R7)

USMGP/Coteaux de l’Arrêt

November 20 (A8) / March 5 (R8)


November 27 (A9) / March 12 (R9)


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