Sciences: France has 15% left-handers, penalized in a world of right-handers


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L. Khelaf, E. Delagneau, E. Piquereau, Y. Saidani – France 3

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Saturday, August 13 is International Left-Handers Day. A minority that has long been upset. Indeed, êBeing left-handed in a right-handed world isn’t always easy.

Lady Gaga, David Bowie or the Olympic champion Laura Flessel are not only talented, but they have another thing in common: they are left-handed. In France, the left-handers represent 15% of the population.Being left-handed is a hassle on a daily basis, because we evolve in a world that was made for right-handed people. Even in my job: whether it’s to use a mouse, a computer keyboard or to open a door“, testifies Jérémie Laurent Kaysen, editor.

In the 1950s, left-handers were forced to write with their right hand.If we force things, we put the child in a situation where he will feel powerless, where he has no control over his acts and gestures, where he will lose the style of himselfasserts Bernard Golsechild psychiatrist. Even to depress. However, there is one area where being left-handed can be a strength: the sport. Jonathan’s Opponents Eysserica former professional tennis player, often had to adapt their game against him. Animals, like gorillas and parrots, also have their left-handers.

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