Since the pandemic, some visas for the USA are very long to obtain

The French, Swiss, British, or nationals of a country belonging to the Schengen Area do not need a visa for a stay of less than three months in the United States, the ESTA and a passport are sufficient. For longer stays, a visa is required and can be obtained from the Embassy.

But travelers from certain countries cannot access the territory of the United States without a visa and, since the end of the travel restrictions linked to the pandemic, the American administrations have not been able to cope with the mass of requests for appointments. and the delays in obtaining them are lengthening phenomenally (more than 700 days of waiting for travelers coming from Mexico, almost a year for those coming from Brazil, etc.).

This difficult situation has a serious impact on the tourism sector, but also on business travel and the hiring of labour. Rumor has it that the situation won’t return to normal until around 2024…

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