France announces EU review of new round of sanctions against Russia

AA / Nice / Feiza Ben Mohamed The European Union will adopt a new series of sanctions to respond to the organization of referendums on the annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna announced on Tuesday from kyiv. “The Russian president has embarked on an escalating rhetoric by decreeing the partial … Read more

A lack of knowledge of the law penalizes pensioners of foreign origin

AA/Strasbourg/Fatih KARAKAYA While the French President, Emmanuel Macron, wants to start a pension reform by using the 49-3 system, without going through the vote of Parliament, retirees are worried about their situation. Indeed, as much as employees, retirees bear the full brunt of the increase in food prices and lose purchasing power. To overcome this … Read more

Mixed reactions in France after the far-right victory in the Italian legislative elections

AA / Nice / Feiza Ben Mohamed The reactions are numerous this Monday in France, the day after the victory of the far right in the Italian legislative elections. Satisfaction is obviously on the side of identity parties and the radical right, but concern is very present on the left. On social networks, as soon … Read more

Macron announces the mobilization of the relief fund for the Overseas Territories

AA/Paris/Fatih KARAKAYA French President Emmanuel Macron announced, this Sunday, on his Twitter account, the mobilization of the relief fund for the Overseas Territories, after the passage of the storm Fiona. “After storm Fiona, my thoughts go to Guadeloupe, to our compatriot swept away and all the inhabitants affected”, wrote Macron first before announcing “the recognition … Read more

Azerbaijani Embassy in France Attacked by Armenian Activists

AA/Nice/Feïza Ben Mohamed The premises of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Paris were attacked by Armenian activists, according to information released Sunday afternoon by Ambassador Rahman Mustafayev on social networks. French Armenian activists storm the building of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in France. — ANADOLU AGENCY (FR) (@aa_french) September 18, 2022 Denouncing “French Armenian fanatics … Read more

Pierre Poilievre at the head of the CPC, the Conservatives finally have a “real” leader (Opinion)

AA /Montreal / Hatem Kattou The previous week in Canada was marked, politically, by a series of events of disparate importance, particularly with regard to the death of the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II of England, who occupied this honorary position at the head of this constitutional monarchy for 70 years, and the resignation … Read more

France calls for the release of Juan-Rémy Quignolot, detained in the Central African Republic for espionage

AA / Paris / Fatih Karakaya French diplomacy calls for the immediate release of Juan-Rémy Quignolot, a French citizen detained in the Central African Republic. In a September 16 press release, the Quai d’Orsay responded to a question about the situation of Juan-Rémy Quignolot who has started a hunger strike. “France is very concerned about … Read more

The widow of one of the Bataclan suicide bombers repatriated to France from Syria

AA / Nice / Feiza Ben Mohamed The widow of suicide bomber Samy Amimour, one of the Bataclan terrorists, is one of the mothers repatriated with their children last July by France from Syria, according to information revealed Wednesday morning by the French press. She has since been indicted for criminal terrorist conspiracy and imprisoned … Read more

$25 million in additional humanitarian assistance from Canada

AA / Montreal / Hatem Kattou Canada announced on Tuesday the granting of new humanitarian aid, of at least $25 million, to Pakistan, which has experienced the worst flooding in its recent history. This is what emerges from a press release posted on the website of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from a … Read more