Juan Vivas demands the maintenance of the visa for Moroccans wishing to go to Sebta

The president of Ceuta asked Thursday that the visa requirement be maintained for all Moroccans who wish to enter the presidency. During a press conference, Juan Vivas indicated that this measure would have contributed to reducing customs entries to 80% and had a remarkably positive impact on the presidency. The official also said that he … Read more

Canada announces the end of border health measures

The Canadian government announced on Monday, September 26, to end on Saturday all border health restrictions aimed at combating the spread of Covid-19 and in particular the end of compulsory vaccination upon entry to Canada. “We believe that we are now in a position to modify our approach to international borderssaid Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of … Read more

Half of Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune gone up in smoke

Meta’s setbacks have repercussions on the fortunes of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. And while the past year has been tough for just about every US tech giant, it’s been especially tough for the Facebook founder. His fortune was halved and continued to evaporate according to the Business AM site in its publication of this Tuesday, … Read more

Macron inaugurates France’s first offshore wind farm

The Head of State must specify the main lines of the bill for the “acceleration of renewable energies”, which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday. Emmanuel Macron inaugurates Thursday, September 22 off Saint-Nazaire the very first of a series of offshore wind farms, the deployment of which he intends to accelerate … Read more

Switzerland in turn suspends agreement on simplified visas for Russians

Switzerland decided this Friday to suspend “fullythe deal on visa facilitation for Russians, again aligning with a similar measure taken by the European Union. During its session, the Swiss Federal Council “has decided to completely suspend the visa facilitation agreement that Switzerland has concluded with Russiain 2009, he said in a statement. “However, it is … Read more

No visas yet to go to the UN General Assembly, worries Russia

Russia expressed concern in a letter to the UN Secretary General that it had not yet received any visa from the United States for the visit in September to the UN General Assembly of its delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to the text seen Friday by AFP. “As of September 1, … Read more

“For La France insoumise, combining its leftist identity and majority logic is now crucial”

Historically, the French left, in contrast to countries with a dominant social democrat, was always plural and multiple. However, over the course of the Fifth Republic, we observe the frequent formation of coalitions, especially in the second round of legislative and presidential elections. These coalitions are either of a strictly electoral type, or – more … Read more

standardization of visa issuance

The French and Tunisian Interior Ministers announced Wednesday, August 31 in a joint statement the normalization by France of the issuance of visas in Tunisia. This standardization was decided with “immediate effect“Added the two ministers, Taoufik Charfeddine and Gérald Darmanin who spoke by telephone. Last fall, France decided to restrict the issuance of visas in … Read more

A visa for elsewhere – By Naïm Kamal

We are witnessing rivers of whining about the refusal of French visas to Moroccans “offering all the guarantees” not to turn into illegal immigrants. These jeremiads conceal indecency, the first of which is the indifference that we have often had for the ordeal of the equally national “quidams” who, since the introduction of visas nearly … Read more

“suspension of RT France, the imminence of the threat justifies the adoption of exceptional restrictive measures”

“Prohibiting propaganda actions in support of Ukraine’s military aggression is proportionate to the objectives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). This is the Tribunal’s position”. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP FIGAROVOX/MAINTENANCE – The suspension of the media financed by Russia, which no longer broadcasts in France (but pirate programs are broadcast on social networks) … Read more