Half of Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune gone up in smoke

Meta’s setbacks have repercussions on the fortunes of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. And while the past year has been tough for just about every US tech giant, it’s been especially tough for the Facebook founder. His fortune was halved and continued to evaporate according to the Business AM site in its publication of this Tuesday, … Read more

the minute-by-minute account of the air operations center

A Rafale fighter pilot inspects his aircraft before taking off at Mont-de-Marsan air base in southwestern France on March 1, 2022. Philippe LOPEZ / AFP NARRATIVE – From the loss of contact to the crash in the Baltic Sea, the operational center of the Air and Space Force did not stop following the path of … Read more

dozens of young people again forced the gates at the Booba concert

According to a witness, about sixty young people forced the security gates at the Booba concert on Saturday evening at the Stade de France. Twitter Screenshot – TESTIMONY – “They counted to three, then they went for it” : according to a witness, “about sixty” of individuals without a ticket would have violently entered the … Read more

All On Board! : playing and creating board games in VR will be possible on our Meta Quest

Definitely, board games go hand in hand with virtual realitywhether it be Demeo (see testing), Catan VR, Cards & Tankardsor in a similar register Quest Haven (role play), everything suggests that playing with friends in total immersion without having to store or install the game for long minutes is appealing. The Game Kitchen grants our … Read more

#MOUNDOUVOU: in Canada for 9 years, Barbara shares her experience with you

Originally from the south of Reunion, Barbara grew up in two areas of the island with separated parents: Ravine des Cabris and Étang-Salé. Having fallen in love with Canada while doing her university studies in Quebec, the young woman has been living in Montreal for 4 years. Barbara shares her experience on LINFO.re in the … Read more

“Small boats”: France faced with the blackmail of smugglers

About forty migrants of various origins carry an inflatable boat in an attempt to cross the Channel illegally on July 11, on a pocket beach in Gravelines, in the North. DENIS CHARLET/AFP DECRYPTION – The police are confronted with the use of children as human shields by mafia networks. “You know why it is so … Read more

Meta borrows 10 billion dollars, and goes into debt for the first time

After a fall in its turnover in the last quarter, Meta must seek funds to finance its projects. What’s next after this ad In the second quarter of 2022, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, posted a 1% drop in its turnover, the first since its IPO in 2012. The current economic context … Read more

Cécile Duflot calls on the embassy in Rabat to be more humanistic

A testimony that did not fail to exasperate the French themselves, including renowned personalities. This is the case of the former Minister for Territorial Equality and Housing, Cécile Duflot, who did not fail to address a strong criticism to the French Embassy in Morocco. On her Twitter account, François Hollande’s minister criticized the consular administrative … Read more

authority flouted every thirty minutes in France

Police officers carry out a road check as part of an anti-urban rodeo operation on August 11 in Caen (Calvados). Martin ROCHE / WEST-FRANCE/PHOTOPQR/WEST FRANCE/MAXPPP INFO LE FIGARO – While each control can turn into tragedy, the police are getting organized. Against a background of anti-cop hatred and bursts of violence bursting out in the … Read more

Germany to Resume Visa Issuance for New Vietnamese Passports | Policy

Berlin, Aug. 15 (VNA) – Germany will temporarily recognize new models of Vietnamese passports, for which the European country will accept visa applications and allow entry into its territory with these documents, it was learned on Aug. 15. august. Photo: VNA This was announced in an official note from the German Foreign Ministry to the … Read more