TRIBU D’EXPLORATEURS – USA/CANADA Tailor-Made Travel Specialist M/F – CDI – (Paris 15th with telecommuting possible) | Offers

1 SPECIALIST IN TAILOR-MADE TRAVEL EXPERT UNITED STATES and CANADA M/F Position to be filled on a permanent contract based in Paris 15th The start of the new school year brings great development prospects for Tribu d’explorers! In order to support our strong growth, we are looking for a tailor-made USA/CANADA travel specialist (position to … Read more

where to go to enjoy the season of colors?

In Canada, nature is adorned with dazzling colors. Our favorites to take advantage of a chromatic palette unique in the world. No, Indian summer is not for September in Canada. Moreover, let’s remember, this meteorological phenomenon is quite distinct from the so-called “color” season, to qualify the chromatic explosion of the forests. This is a … Read more

Launch of the new Visamundi service: Nomamundi

Officially launched in September 2022, Visamundi’s new service, “Nomamundi” (“Noma” for “nomad”, “Mundi” for our signature) starts in style with the opening of 6 telework visas. We have decided to make it a point of honor to be able go alone but also with family for this experience. To start, the Bahamas, with their BEATS … Read more

What are the deadlines for obtaining a working visa?

How long does it take to get a working visa for Australia? ©Pixabay To work in Australia, it is possible to choose to obtain a working visa. Also called Working Holiday Permit (PVT), this document is intended for young people wishing to work and study in the country of kangaroos. However, they must meet certain … Read more

almost ten months of waiting to obtain a tourist visa

The ESTA cannot be issued to people who have traveled to countries blacklisted by the US authorities. Zangrilli Andrea – Some travelers not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) must apply for a tourist visa from the US Embassy. A document required even for a simple stopover… This Monday, November 8, 2021 marks … Read more

Which will be the next countries to set up an electronic visa system?

BREXIT has called into question a large number of subjects, including the regulation of travel outside/inside the United Kingdom. In addition, at the end of 2019, the Secretary of State for the Interior, Priti Patel, announced the establishment of a compulsory electronic visa for Europeans. This new formality would be introduced in the form of … Read more

Hong Kong has launched its electronic visa

Since Saturday January 8, 2022, travelers from France and 7 other countries (Australia, Canada, United States, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines) or having stayed there for more than 2 hours in the last 21 days, including residents, are prohibited from entering Hong Kong. This measure, put into effect for a minimum period of 14 … Read more

Are you planning to go to the United States? Be aware that the price of ESTA has increased by 50%

Nationals of 40 countries, including France, can travel to the United States without a visa for tourist stays of less than 90 days, provided they complete the ESTA. f11photo – This electronic travel authorization, which allows tourists from 40 countries including France to travel to the United States without a visa, has seen its … Read more

Schengen: new visa applications will go digital for millions of visitors

The lengthy visa process Schengen should go fully online within a few years. The new digital system – proposed by the European Commission in mid-May – will replace the cumbersome paper-based application process faced by millions of potential visitors to Europe. The travelers can expect a system”smoother and safer“, promised the European Commission. “While some … Read more

a new stage in the world of tourism?

Currently, nearly 40 countries around the world offer the possibility of obtaining a telework visa. In the sun, in the heart of beautiful nature or in the mountains, the possibilities are endless, and the list should only get longer in the coming months/years. First, this challenge has been taken up by exotic destinations. Leaving your … Read more