Covid-19: before the arrival of new vaccines, does France have too many stocks?

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is restarting. As winter approaches, as the number of new contaminations increases, France is preparing to vaccinate once again vulnerable people who volunteer. To do this, it has had the green light from the health authorities for a few weeks to use new messenger RNA vaccines, more specifically targeting Omicron … Read more

The number of abortions stable in France, but falling among the youngest women

In relation to the number of women of childbearing age (between 15 and 49 years old), the rate of recourse to abortion reached 15.5 per 1000 last year, practically stable compared to 2020 (15.4 per 10). . Abortion “continues to decrease among younger women”, below 30 years, notes the Drees. The decline is particularly notable … Read more

META QUEST 2: Update V44 improves video recording, parental controls and app locking

The latest update v44 of the Meta Quest adds a series of options on video recording, parental controls and application locking. On the side of recording and mirroring improvements, options can be enabled by going to experimental settings. Just click on “advanced camera settings”. A new window opens and options appear to choose the degree … Read more

LIVE – Denmark-France (2-0): the Danes double the bet, the Blues take on water

Sunday, September 25, 2022 21:26 41′ Denmark continue to be on the attack. The Blues do not see the light of day. 21:24 Aim 39′ BUUUUUUUUT FOR DENMARK!!! On a badly cleared corner, Skov Olsen fires a heavy shot from the left that Alphonse Aréola cannot deflect. The Danes lead 2-0 against the Blues! 21:23 … Read more

Tobacco prices: is France already the European country that taxes cigarettes the most?

The Tax foundation, a Swiss NGO specializing in the analysis of tax policies, has looked into the issue of tobacco taxation across Europe. Thanks to data retrieved from the European Commission, she managed to draw up a ranking of the countries where the levels of taxation are the highest. If France is on the podium, … Read more

LIVE – France-Austria (2-0): the Blues return to victory and leave the last place in the group

today Thursday, September 22, 2022 22:40 POST-MATCH In the other group game, Croatia won 2-1 against Denmark. The classification of group 1 before the last day: 1. Croatia, 10 points 2. Denmark, 9 points 3. France, 5 points 4. Austria, 4 points In Denmark, Sunday at 8:45 p.m. (on TF1), the Blues will have to … Read more

Clear skies almost everywhere in France: the weather for this Thursday, September 22

The weather, this Thursday, September 22, will be generally sunny but temporarily cloudy with rare showers around the Mediterranean, forecasts Météo-France. On the Mediterranean rim, there will be many clouds at the start of the day and will bring some rain, especially in western Corsica and Languedoc-Roussillon. The afternoon will continue under more changeable weather, … Read more

First for Ines Laklalech at the French Open

Whether it’s the onlookers gathered around the green of 18, or the residents of the Barrière hotel leaning on the window of their room, none of the spectators of this Lacoste Ladies Open de France would have advanced the victory of the Moroccan Ines Laklalech after the first shots of the last round. Starting in … Read more

New decor in Deauville for the Lacoste Ladies Open de France

After the Paris International Golf Club, Chantaco and the Golf du Médoc, the Lacoste Ladies Open de France discovers this year the Golf Barrière de Deauville. If Céline Boutier is the defending champion, this new route reshuffles the cards a bit. “ Changing frames takes a bit of the pressure off my title defense, admits … Read more

Faced with Russian gas which no longer arrives, does France import it from Azerbaijan?

But then, what share of these imports ends up arriving in France? “Virtually nothing, if anything at all”, speculates Philippe Chalmin, an economist specializing in commodity markets, who recalls that “Azerbaijan is still in the Russian zone of influence”. Asked, the Ministry of Ecological Transition confirms that“to its knowledge, France does not import gas from … Read more