Tech trends for 2022 according to Alibaba

In its latest Technology Trends Report for 2022, Alibaba gives pride of place to artificial intelligence and a new kind of electronic components, neuromorphic photonic chips. These last use photons instead of electrons to transmit data, and according to Alibaba they will be widely used by large data centers within three years.

Alibaba unveils its top 10 tech trends

Alibaba’s research academy has therefore identified the major technology trends for 2022. In the top 10 of “tech predictions”we discover new applications of artificial intelligence in renewable energies, or even robots to “increased visibility” in terms of pressure, vision and sound. Alibaba also devotes an entire part of its report extended reality (XR) networks, those environments that combine the real and the virtual, like the metaverse. The company just presented a few days ago AR glasses for virtual meetings.

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According to the Chinese giant, “Advances in new technologies and intelligence are redefining a new digital world characterized by mixed reality, technological inclusion and a low carbon footprint”. Jeff Zhang, Director of Alibaba’s Research Academy, says this report was compiled based on a review of 7.7 million scientific articles published over the past three years, an analysis of 85,000 patents and interviews with around a hundred scientists.

New photonic semiconductors coming soon?

Unsurprisingly, the technology trends cited in this report echo the scientific areas in which Beijing is trying to become a world leader. This is particularly the case of artificial intelligence, an area in which China excels. On this subject, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have recently developed an artificial intelligence capable of replacing a prosecutor in certain tasks. Artificial intelligence is currently being tested by Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate. Alibaba’s report predicts that AI will be widely used in the research phase of applied sciences.

In the area of ​​semiconductors, Alibaba has identified “new generation materials”with in particular these silicon photonic neuromorphic chips, which expected to be widely used by large data centers within three years. These chips are faster and consume less power than chips using electrons. A market that will undoubtedly be boosted by the cloud and artificial intelligence.

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