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Following one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, Australia reopened its borders to international students on December 15, 2021. For the latest information on visas and travel restrictions, see the government site Australian, Department of Home Affairs. And since February 21, it is tourists and other visitors who can enter the territory. So it’s official: Australia is once again open to the world!

The student visa: for whom and according to what measures?

The student visa is intended for full-time study in Australia, but it also allows you to work alongside your studies. It is open to all and imposes no age limit.

To obtain a student visa for Australia, you must:

  • Hold a valid passport for the duration of your studies in Australia;
  • Have a letter of offer from the selected university or institution;
  • Prove that you have the necessary funds;
  • Have Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC);
  • Produce all other documents requested on the lists of the Department of Home Affairs.

Eligibility conditions may vary depending on the candidate’s profile.

Opportunities for an international student

Australia has a high employment rate due to its low population density, so it offers a wide range of career options. International students can work while completing their studies and thus complete part of the tuition fees. In addition, following the pandemic, Australia has closed in on itself, which has created a shortage of labor in all areas. The country is therefore actively recruiting.

Work options in Australia for international students

Some industries have flexible schedules and a large number of opportunities for international students. Among them :

  • Retail – including supermarkets and department stores
  • Sale – small businesses and door-to-door
  • Hospitality – restaurants and cafes
  • Delivery – delivery services
  • Agricultureseasonal work
  • Services – childcare and elder care
  • Housekeeping – cleaning company or car wash
  • Tutoring

Jobs in Australia: how to find them?

Some of the ways international students can seek part-time or full-time work while applying to Australian universities for study include:

  • Ask friends or colleagues;
  • Search online job sites;
  • Search university or college-dedicated websites and job boards;
  • Register with a professional recruitment agency;
  • Contact the establishment’s alumni groups.

Students with prior experience in areas such as writing, design, etc. can search for freelance work on websites like Airtasker, which connects people with talent.

Several charities and NGOs in Australia need volunteers. International students can apply for various volunteering projects.

For even more advice, find our video on the subject here.

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Why Australia?

Making the decision to study abroad is an important step. You can be hesitant about what you’ll study and where you’ll settle, in addition to leaving friends and family behind. Many international students choose Australia for a variety of reasons, including the best universities, incredible flora and fauna, thriving cities and… the many beaches. Although studying abroad can seem daunting, the benefits in terms of academic and personal development can be enormous.

This country offers a wide range of opportunities for international students. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.

World-renowned schools and universities

The Australian education system is flexible, comprehensive and demanding with schools and universities certified among the best in the world. Here are other good reasons for you to decide:

  • This is the ideal option to improve your English;
  • Study programs with accessible and affordable English lessons for beginners;
  • Student life;
  • Sites to find work like Seek or CareerOne;
  • Many libraries (public and university);
  • Campus communities that organize lots of events.

Cost of living in Australia

  • The cost of living is estimated at $21,041 per year or 14,040 euros per year (Australian immigration data).
  • A student working 20 hours a week earns a minimum of $20,800 per year ($20 per hour, the minimum) or 13,880 euros per year (or $26k/year if paid $25/h over 20h/week).
  • Easy accommodation (, UniLodge, AmberStudent). Here, the means to find cheap accommodation in Australia.
  • Transport (OpalCard in Sydney around $35 per week)
  • Student deals

Professional opportunities

  • Several possible options (Certificate, Diploma, Master, MBA…)
  • Possibility of doing internships (some universities offer internship proposals to students)
  • Obtain a work permit after studies (sponsorship)

Find here the most sought-after jobs in Australia to maximize your chances.

The climate

Australia being in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to those of Europe and North America. Australia is often referred to as a land of diversity in terms of climate: from tropical rainforests to golden beaches, deserts to vast pastures and a rich coral reef teeming with marine life.

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