The big star who visits Nicolas Batum in France!

If he does not play the summer campaign of the French team and the Eurobasket which will follow in September, Nicolas Batum makes it a point of honor to be present alongside his tricolor teammates. And in Paris, Batman was treated to a very special and oh so meaningful visit. The class.

Back home for the Blues. After a narrow victory against Italy (78-77), Vincent Collet’s men returned to France this Saturday, as confirmed by the official team account:

A very prestigious guest visits Batum and the Blues

Cut off from several major elements, this French team is still in the running-in phase, which its captain Evan Fournier does not deny. In this context, the valuable advice of veteran Nicolas Batum is welcome, especially since the Clippers winger was not the only big name passing through the gym in Paris, and for good reason: Tyronn Lue was also there. !

The boss is here

In France during this summer period before returning to California to find Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and others, Lue made a classy gesture by coming to greet his player. It must be said that Batman, very popular in California, where his fans are organized around the famous “Batum Batallion”, is a centerpiece of the group that the tactician is trying to bring to the top of the NBA.

Well beyond the pure statistical impact, Batum is the Swiss army knife par excellence, capable of doing all the little useful things from the shadows on the pitch in order to make the team more oiled and efficient. A profile adored by coaches, and Lue is not mistaken.

If Nicolas Batum still doubted his rating with the Clippers, the visit of Tyronn Lue leaves no doubt. The California franchise veteran is universally loved in the city of angels, and his presence will continue to be crucial in the highly ambitious Clipps locker room for the year ahead. Anyway, Lue’s gesture can only be welcomed!

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