the cost up 4.25% for a sixth-grade student, according to Families of France

After the Unef survey on the rising cost of living for students, it is the turn of the association Families of France to deliver the results of its study on the cost of the start of the school year for students. According to the report released on Tuesday, fees for a student entering sixth form are up 4.25% compared to last year. For this student, the total cost of the start of the school year is calculated at 208 euros for school supplies.

Specialty stationery stores

To carry out this study, Families of France analyzed 45 school products in stores. 17 are stationery products, 25 non-stationery products, and three sports supplies. “For stationery supplies, you have a 6.93% increase in hypermarkets“, explains for example on franceinfo Chantal Huet, president of Families of France, who advises to obtain stationery items from specialized stores, which are seeing their prices drop.

Supermarkets for pens

Regarding supplies that are not stationery, such as pens, for example, Families of France advises to turn to hypermarkets, where these items see their prices drop by 2.19%.

This Tuesday, August 16, a first part of the back-to-school allowance is paid. The second payment, which corresponds to the additional 4%, will take place at the beginning of September. “It will be very difficult for families“, regrets Chantal Huet. “Of course, there is the help from the government, which we welcome. However, this increase in the back-to-school allowance will still be below the increase in the price of the start of the school year for children entering sixth grade.“.

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