The digital nomad visa in Cape Verde

Located about 500 km from the Senegalese coast, the Cape Verde archipelago gained independence in 1975. It is made up of ten islands (nine are inhabited) and several islets. It attracts for its heavenly waters and warm community. Before you leave, get used to the expression right away tud right! (“no stress”), the national mantra of Cape Verde.

Another advantage of coming to telework in Cape Verde is the time zone of +2h/3h compared to France, which makes it easy to work with colleagues or clients.

The “Remote work program” visa

The Cape Verdean government has created a special visa that caters to digital nomads. It allows them to stay six months on the territory with the possibility of renewing it up to a maximum of twelve months. It can also be granted to the family of the nomad.

> Documents to provide

  • A passport size photo of the candidate;
  • A copy of the candidate’s passport;
  • Proof of income and means of subsistence (account statement for the last six months or copy of the last three monthly salaries);
  • Individual or family travel health insurance;
  • A copy of the accommodation reservation.

Documents can be sent electronically.

> Upon arrival at the borders

In order to receive the stamp, the following documents must be presented to the border authorities:

  • A passport valid for at least six months;
  • A copy of the application approval letter issued by the Cape Verde Institute of Tourism;
  • A copy of the visa approval statement issued by the Foreigners and Borders Department;
  • Proof of payment of airport taxes;
  • Payment of individual visa fees.

Remote work in Cape Verde

Internet coverage

Since June 13, the EllaLink submarine fiber optic cable linking Europe to Latin America has been put into service in Cape Verde. On the Ecofin agency website, João Domingos Correia, chairman of the Cabo Verde Telecom board of directors, declared that “the increase in capacity in Cape Verde was driven by the growing needs resulting from the ongoing digital transformation, by the digitization of consumer habits, and also by the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Good news for digital nomads who will be able to take full advantage of a good internet connection in the territory.

Also, if some places were not yet connected, the mobile Internet coverage is excellent. Even the smallest villages are covered by 4G. It will then be necessary to obtain a SIM card which costs only a small handful of euros. These cards are available in many stores.


There is no tax treaty between France and Cape Verde. Care should therefore be taken to avoid double taxation. In addition, the “Digital Nomad” program set up by the Cape Verdean government provides an exemption from the payment of income tax for self-employed workers who come to the archipelago to telecommute.

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